Message From Chairman's Desk

In terms of operational performance Bhanek Group meet the customer values most, we access market expectations we create new innovation for future-proof.

We build an efficient operations which can deliver all these quality services

Over the years, we have developed great expertise in Oil field Catering Support services, Logistics and transportation, hotels and tourism, corporate security services, property development and real estate management, construction site services, petroleum service station, management consultancy, plants and heavy duty equipment rental services.

We, at Bhanek believe that the success of any business depends on its ‘People’. Considering the emerging trends of the world economy, we have a strong team of international and local professionals who constantly strive hard to build up a strong distribution network and diversify the global activities of the company.

Our employees, both local and international, are given due preference while making the most liberal HR policies of the company, to ensure a congenial work environment for all. Besides, to improve our coexistence with the society and strengthen the trust that our clients and stakeholders have in us, our duty is to ensure transparency in business deals and timely delivery of premium quality goods and services at reasonable prices.

We at Bhanek abide by our promises and ensure that we work in synergy with different companies and walk hand in hand with the company’s operations and style of working. We not only work hard on welcoming new prospects but also provide our allies with a platform for learning and development.

As a company and responsible corporate citizens, we have a corporate social responsibility; we have gone much beyond what is required by us by statutes. We have always strived to minimize our ecological footprint by adopting sustainable practices across several areas, such as green infrastructure, natural resource replenishment, energy and water conservation, and green innovation.

We understand different nature of operations in our service-based business.

I extend an invitation to learn more about Bhanek Group.

Bassy Etim
Group Chairman

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